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Since 1980, we have been providing companies like yours with shop and coordination drawings that are accurate and thoughtfully prepared. The services we offer include drawings for ductwork fabrication, plumbing, HVAC piping, and electrical coordination. We use the latest Navisworks (BIM Modeling), Revit and other Autocad (tm) Products plus the latest MacsCad (tm) that allows us to input information much faster than before which gives us more time to research the job, slightly manipulate the drawings to save on materials and labor in the field and to double check our work.

"We’ve been with Shopdrawings.com for about 20 years. They have always given us the best service for a very competitive price, always available to us, quick turn around and more."

"Drawings are completed timely and done with a great deal of accuracy and clarity."

"I give Dave all of our projects whether coordination drawings are required or not. The advantages greatly outweigh the costs and I enjoy the honest relationship that I have with Shopdrawings.com"

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We get good clients by providing our pricing up front, on or before bid day. We keep good clients by offering exemplary service and excellent drawings.

We are very proud of our product, as evidenced by the work samples posted here on our front page. Please visit these links to see our COMPLETED PROJECTS and our CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS.

What are Shop Drawings?

Contractors in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) trades utilize what are known as 'shop drawings' to ensure that the systems they are installing will actually work within the architect's plans. Typically, when an architect designs a building or structure, they do not account for components of the many systems that are integral to the function of the building. A contractor will take the builder's blueprints to a specialized drafting firm who will, essentially, build the structure via computer-aided drafting (CAD), including the contractor's components. This provides a clear view for the contractor and builder of any potential issues they may face when installing certain systems, prior to the start of construction. Facing delays due to conflicts or issues, such as too many or not enough workers for a job, can be extremely costly for a contractor. Thus, shop drawings will prevent costly issues from arising during a construction project.

What are Coordination Drawings?

During construction projects there are many contractors, each trying to install their components as quickly and effectively as possible. When many systems need to be installed in a structure, there is only so much space allotted to all the systems, such as plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. In order to assure that each contractor has a place for their system, coordination drawings are utilized. These coordination drawings do exactly what their name implies - they coordinate the needs of each system installer, ensuring that everything can be properly installed and providing space to do so. Similar to shop drawings, coordination drawings allow the project to be laid out 'virtually,' and provide a clear plan of action to each systems contractor. Utilizing coordination drawings on a construction project prevents problems arising between contractors during construction.